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Maheshwari Pharmaceuticals India Limited

Vitam Syrup

Vitam Syrup

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1. It is traditionally being used as a vitality tonic.

2. It helps in increasing the body's resistance to overcome weakness and also helps in the gaining of weight.

3. It also acts as a cardio-nervine tonic and provides good muscle strength.


Nutritive and vital Tonic from Paediatrics to Geriatrics. Increases the body's resistance, overcomes weakness. Aids easier digestion and improves appetite. Cardio-nervine tonic, promoting cardiac muscle tone and heart output.


It is in a syrup formulation with the major herbs being Giloy and Tulsi

What's Inside that really matters


Helps in increasing muscle mass, strength and helps in faster recovery of muscle fibers.


Acts as an endurance enhancer and helps to reduce stomach bloating.


Herb is known for improving bone and joint health. Induces faster recovery for connective tissues and relieves pain.

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