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Daiboamarit Liquid

Daiboamarit Liquid

Diabetes Care (Helpsin Type 2- diabetes and symptoms related to diabetes)

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Key Benefits

Regeneration of beta cells ( Daiboamrit stimulates beta cells in Type - 2 Diabetic patients which helps in keeping your blood sugar levels under control

MPIL’s diabetes kit works in such a way that it majorly works on the side effects that the body faces due to diabetes, effects like the ones on heart and kidney majorly.

Pancreon helps in Insulin secretion on gradual levels

Increases sensitivity of insulin to peripheral Insulin Receptors and thus Glucose uptake.

Reduces the dependency on insulin

Reduces Gluconeogenesis

Prevents sudden fall in sugar level and maintains the body balance as desired for your body.

Product Description

Diaboamrit is effectively used for the management of Diabetes Mellitus. It stimulates insulin, reduces blood sugar levels, and also regenerates beta cells. It also leads to a decrease of glycosylated plasma protein and glycosylated hemoglobin.

Importance of Gurmar in Daiboamrit

Gurmar - The name in itself says Gur-Mar (inhibiting sugar), a blood sugar balancing herb that slows the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream and slows the conversion of sugar to fat . The exceptional antidiabetic characteristics of gurmar leaves are used as an effective supplement to regulate blood sugar spikes and metabolic syndrome. It promotes insulin response to food and lessens the need for insulin therapy and oral hypoglycemic drugs. Gurmar can also block receptors in the intestine and lower sugar absorption thereby controlling postprandial blood sugar levels. While it is also effective in stabilising HbA1C, fasting and postprandial blood sugar levels. Apart from this, gudmar leaves restore insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells and also repairs the damaged beta cells.

Gymnema sylvestre


1000 mg,


Pterocarpus marsupium

Vijay Saar

500 mg

Trigonella foenumgrecum


200 mg,

Tinospora cordifolia


200 mg

Terminalia arjuna


200 mg

Phyllanthus niruri

Bhumi Amla

200 mg

Azadirachta indica

Neem Leaf

200 mg

Momordica charantia


200 mg

Ficus bengalensis

Vat jatta

200 mg

Syzygium cumini

Jamun Seed

200 mg

Aegle marmelos

Bel patra


Asphaltum punjabinum



Sodium Benzoate 0.2%


5 mg




We are fully transparent


Is it safe to use?

Diabetes kit is a Ministry of Ayush certified product,100% herbal and doesn’t have any side effects that have been reported yet.

Who should consume it?

Anyone with borderline sugar levels, pre diabetes or Type 2 diabetes can consume it.

Is this for Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes?

Diabetes kit is recommended in Type 2 Diabetes

How and when to consume this?

★ The first dose will be in the morning, empty stomach. 10 ml Daiboamrit Liquid with 1 Pancreon capsule. Then after a break of 10 minutes, take 1 tsp of Pancreon Granules with warm water.
★ The second dose will be in the evening, 1 hour after dinner. 10 ml Daiboamrit Liquid with 1 Pancreon capsule. Then after a break of 10 minutes, take 1 tsp of Pancreon Granules with water

Are there any side effects?

Diabetes kit is an ayurvedic product ,ingredients used in this juice have shown to have no side effects.

Can a diabetes kit be taken along withallopathic medicine?

Yes it can be consumed , along with allopathic medicine