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Nephrol Syrup

Nephrol Syrup

Renal care (Helps in removal of stones  and other U.T.I.Infections)

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Month Wise Detailed Programme

Month 1

In the first month of the dosage, the body will start experiencing changes such as relief in fatigue , loss of appetite (symptoms of nephrotic syndrome ) , Passing frequent, small amounts of urine , decrease in sharp pain in the side and back, below the ribs

Month 2

In the second month of the dosage, it treats foamy urine, a result of excess protein in your urine , brown , cloudy or foul-smelling urine & burning sensation when urinating (burning micturition ).

Month 3

In the third month of the dosage, you will find that calcium oxalate crystals( kidney stones ) upto 25mm have been crushed and passed through the urine , U.T.I is treated , renal functioning is improved.

Key Benefits

Nephrol Syrup and Tablets have been proven to be highly effective in treating kidney stones upto the size of 25mm effectively.

It is highly recommended for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), and has shown good results to patients, providing relief in 2 months time.

Nephrol Syrup has Bada Gokhru as one of its key ingredients that makes the syrup a very strong diuretic.

Nephrol kit is helpful in treating renal function and burning micturition.

Nephrol has Pashanbhed as one of its major ingredients, which inhibits the growth of calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals ,which is responsible for the formation of kidney or urinary stones.

We are fully transparent


Is it safe to use?

Nephrol Kit is a Ministry of AYUSH certified , 100% ayurvedic medicine and it doesn’t have any side effects on the body which have been reported yet. 

How long should it take for the stone to be dissolved?

It is recommended to take a course of 4 months and it depend on the size of stone

(may vary from person to person )

Do I need to follow aspecial diet while using this product?

Stay hydrated , up your citrus intake , eat a lot of calcium.

I am on allopathicmedicines. Can I take this Nephrol Kit?

Yes, Nephrol  Kit is an herbal product , which has no interaction with allopathic medicines. However it is recommended to use either of it at a time.

Does Nephrol treatUTI ? 

A urinary tract infection can be easily treated with Mpil’s Chronic kidney ayurvedic medicine into the kidneys. You must take our Nephrol Syrup to give your bladder a better treatment.