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Maheshwari Pharmaceuticals India Limited

Neemelia Syrup

Neemelia Syrup

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1. Neemelia Syrup is highly effective for the treatment of eczema and acts as an antifungal and antiallergic.

2. Skin Blemishes and Eruptions are cured by herbal treatment as allopathic treatment leads to extended measures.

3. Recommended for teenagers who suffer from regular acne and want a cure to it.


Antifungal, Antiallergic, and Antiseptic. Checks eczema and dry skin disorder. Ensures deeper dermal penetration, effective in Psoriasis. Used effectively for Allergic Dermatitis, Skin Eruptions and Skin blemishes, Dermatophytosis, and other skin infections.


It is in a syrup formulation with the major herb being Neem.


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