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Leucam Capsules - The PCOD solution

Leucam Capsules - The PCOD solution

The complete PCODSolution

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Month Wise Detailed Programme

Importance Of Kanchnar Guggal In Leucam Capsules

Kanchnar Guggulu is a traditional classic polyherbal formulation used for the treatment of tumours, cystic swelling, PCOS, and ulcers. It reduces swellings and lumps by drying the excess Kapha and fluid in the body. It contains ingredients which show anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, diuretic, and decongestant properties that help to promote healthy function of the body. Kanchnar Guggal is the most active ingredient in Leucam capsules which helps in the dissolving of ovarian cysts, which is the major reason for PCOS, Leucam capsules has shown efficacy in dissolving cysts upto the size of 42mm and has been prescribed by gynaecologists all over India.

Key Benefits

Menstrual cycles on time

Beneficial in abnormal vaginal discharge

Relief from extreme period cramps

Streamlines irregular menstrual cycle

Corrects hormonal balance

Proven results in PolyCystic Ovarian Disease

Enhances female reproductive health

Helps in reducing weight, acne & pigmentation

Product Description

1. Leucam Capsules is a complete solution to free your ovaries from ovarian cysts. Kachnar Guggal , Ashok & lodhra are major ingredients responsible for the reversal of cysts. Leucam tones up Female reproductive organs , maintains hormonal balance and issues related to it.It significantly normalises the levels of FSH and LH(major female hormones) in the body.
2. Leucam capsules is a certified product, developed after rigorous research and surveys conducted on adolescent females who go through phases in their cycle that troubles their physical and mental wellbeing.
3. The product is Ministry of Ayush certified formulation and is trusted by more than 20 Lakh patients all across India.


Dosage 1

2 capsules in the morning after breakfast

Dosage 2

2 capsules in the evening after dinner.

★ It is also recommended to take a course of 4 months to see the best results in your body.

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Is it safe to use?

Leucam capsules is a Ministry of AYUSH certified , 100% ayurvedic medicine and it doesn’t have any side effects on the body which have been reported yet. 

How long should I have to take it?

It is recommended to take a course of 4 months to see the best results in your body. (may vary from person to person )

Will this help me from leucorrhoea?

Leucam has Lodhra as one of its main ingredient, which has  Kashaya (astringent) properties which helps to get rid of leucorrhoea.

I am not suffering from PCOS ,but not having periods . Can I use it to make them streamline?

It is not necessary that if you missed or not having periods , you are suffering from PCOS , there are so many reasons behind it & this condition is known as amenorrhoea & yes LEUCAM works on it as Emmenagogue

Can I take this along with other medicines?

No, we do not suggest taking Leucam capsules with other medications, as Leucam has its own therapeutic usages and can have ill effects if taken improperly, so it is always recommended to take the complete course of Leucam capsules to effectively see the changes in your body.

Can PCOS be cured?

PCOS is not a disease in total, it is more of a lifestyle disorder that brings in other ailments to the body, so curing PCOS is an incorrect way to put it up. PCOS can be controlled with the suggested changes in the lifestyle like changes in the diet regime, incorporating a healthier life with working out or Yoga, and a balanced dosage of Leucam capsules under the guidance of an Ayurvedic Physician or our in-house doctors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Batteling with PCOD since 15 years... without any permanant solution...and finally got the solution all because of leucam capule


Amazing results with in 1 month

Vijayendra Agarwal

I am suffering form hormonal imbalance and PCOD Due to this I had alot of acne on my face. It was like I even could not see my self into mirror. I was not willing to go to Dr. Cz I know they will only suggest me contraceptive pills. One of my friend suggested me this I ordered this. And I m using it from 2 n a half months my periods are on now free from acnes now only dark spots of acne remains. Thank u so much that there is a product which can stay us away from those harmful medicines.



I love it

Health is very important and nowadays due to the lifestyle and all other Jazz system is getting very bad and most of the girls like me are suffering from issues like PC OS and which can be very hard to cope up with can be weight gain and a lot of issues which result in in weight gain hair loss unwanted hair growth and we need to protect it and care it. Having this even make better hormonal cycle balance and skin and reproductive health I am using it and I recommend this for you