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Kasil Syrup

Kasil Syrup

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The only cough tonic with 23 herbs


1. The high density of this cough syrup ensures that your throat is protected.

2. It is infused with a combination of more than 20 herbs, making it one of a kind.

3. Useful for smokers who want to keep their respiratory tract healthy by reducing dry cough intensity.

4. It treats the root cause of cough and expels the trapped sputum in the respiratory tract.


Effective bronchodilator & antitussive. Demulcent in inflammatory and irritable conditions of the bronchial tubes. For both productive and unproductive cough, suitable in all seasons and seasonal coughs, Drug-induced cough and smoker's cough.

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Each 10 ml Syrup contains ext. of :

Adhatoda vasica Vasa 600 mg.
Glycyrrhiza glabra Yashtimadhu 200 mg.
Ocimum sanctum Tulsi 100 mg
Cordia dichotoma Shleshatmak 100 mg
Onosma bracteatum Gjivha 100 mg
Solanum surattense Kantkari 300 mg.
Curcuma longa Haldi 50 mg.
Zingiber officinale Adrak 20 mg.
Sugar phuh 6.25 g.
Sodium benzoate   10 mg.
Flavour   Q.S.
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