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Obesity is one of the hard and most known issues for people of the whole world. People are following sedentary lifestyles and taking high fats diets. Due to their sedentary lifestyles and high fats foods, they are gaining weight day by day. Some are searching for such diets and medicines to help them get rid of these fatty and obese bodies. They try to contact mpil wellness for their issues, but another group of people is too skinny and underweight. They are worried about their less weight and searching for such supplements and medicines that can help them to gain weight and size.

Some medicines are helpful in this regard but have some side effects. These medicines can cause health problems for those skinny people. We will discuss some essential supplements that have no side effects but are made for weight gain in this article. You will be able to get vast knowledge about these supplements after reading this article.

Weight Gain Supplements

Weight gaining supplements are a lot in nature, but we have brought key and well-known supplements and their availability at Mpilhealth.com. These supplements are helpful clinically to gain weight by increasing muscle mass and other body parts. Some of them are:

1. Proteins

    Proteins are one of the keys and vital components of your diet. It is must for you to take a diet with a balanced percentage of proteins. If you are not taking proteins with balance and proper amount, you may get many nutritional deficiency disorders. So, we can say that proteins are among the essential foods to gain weight and muscle mass. Proteins supplements are useful to gain weight and body muscles.

    How to take Proteins?

    You can take proteins in any form of foods, but the most effective and beneficial are protein shakes and bars. Shakes and bars are the most effective ways to boost protein intakes if you work out and other heavy exercises.


    Many nutritionists and health experts say that you should take 30-35 percent of your calories from proteins. It is must, but below or above that amount may result in a few nutritional deficiencies. It would help if you had to take an adequate number of other supplements along with proteins. The balance between all supplements should be there. Otherwise, it may cause difficulty for you.  

    2. Creatine

      Creatine is an organic and most available organic compound in the muscle of the human body. It is one of the keys and most researched supplements having a vital and essential role in sports physiology. There is excellent research on creatine in sports concerns.

      Creatine is almost found in every cell of your body and some foods. The body needs it for multi-functions. Some of the functions of creatine are:

      • Its most important and critical function is to increase the mass and weight of muscles.
      • Another essential function is the production of energy for daily life activities in the human body's severe needs.
      • After extensive and in-depth research, many people know that creatine is a vital supplement for muscle weight and size gain.
      • It plays a role in increment in exercise performance and muscle mass.

      There are many creatine types in the body or foods, but the most important is creatine monohydrate which is the crucial agent for weight gain. Many nutritionists recommend creatine for weight gain, but you must keep its doses within limits. It may cause health problems for you as a supplement. Twenty grams per day is recommended but divided into four servings as for 5-7 days.

      3. Herbal Weight Gainers

        We know that herbal medicines are best for health problems and complications. In addition to many health-related issues, you can use herbal medicines for weight gain. There is a particular category of herbal medicines which are specific for weight gain called herbal weight gainers. You can take them for weight gain.

        Herbal or Ayurvedic medicines help digest, increase absorption of nutrients, boost your immunity and many other digestion related issues to gain weight. Ayurvedic medicines have herbs and spices like lavang, Amla, Elaichi, and many other things in your diet.

        Ayurvedic medicines have herbs like Lavang, jayful. Tejpatra. Shahjira and elaichi and play a key role in the body's muscle mass and size. These medicines have proven effects and results for boosting the digestive system. Increment of nutrient absorption is key to boosting weight, so use such medicine to boost nutrient absorption.

        4. Fish Oil

          We know that fats play a critical role in weight gain, but they can be harmful to you as fats cause obesity and health problems. Fish oils have a high percentage of fats and are best for weight gain. More than 50% of healthy and heavy diets include fatty fish like salmon as it has a high amount of fats like Omega 3 fatty acid and many types of proteins. Fish oil is a crucial supplement to get the best results regarding weight gain. Taking fish oil in your diets play a role in the increment of calories and translates into weight gain. 

          Issues with the use of Fish oil

          The main issue with fish oil is that not everyone can take these fish oil containing foods like salmon fish, seeds, nuts because of their high rates and unavailability. However, you can take a few nuts and seeds for fatty fish oils, which are cheap and easy to get.


          You can take as much diet for weight gain as much a nutritionist advises. Always take the recommended amount. Otherwise, it could cause problems for you. Fatty acids have too much side effects, so take care of them. You can use fish oil to a limit until it is boosting your caloric intake.

          5. Exercise Enhancing Supplements

            We know that exercise plays a role in the weight and mass gain of muscles. The more exercise you will do, the more will be an increase in the size of muscles but types and duration of exercise matter a lot in this regard. Many supplements can enhance your performance in exercise and play a role in weight gain.

            You can check out our product named as Vajiam Fit as a pre-workout supplement. It may help you to become active and string before exercise.

            Some of them are discussed in the below section:

            1. Caffeine

              Many people take a few sips of caffeine before exercise to boost exercise performance. Much research has come to know that you can take the best and quick exercise performances after taking caffeine. Few advantages of caffeine are:

              • It can boost your power output which plays a role in the increment of force required in muscles contraction and relaxation. You can contract muscles fast and quick with the use of caffeine before exercise.
              • It can boost your strength to do games like weight training, cycling, and sprinting.
              • Caffeine gives you a will to do more exercise and challenging exercise. Hard and long exercise is best for fats and easy weight gain.


              The limit of everything is that you must have a good and active digestive system to absorb and consume enough nutrients from the small intestine.

              2. Citrulline

                Blood is one of your muscles' key and demanding requirement to boost weight and do proper function. So, any increase in the blood flow to muscles can increase the body's weight and size. The best and most used food for the increment of blood flow is citrulline.

                Citrulline is an amino acid found in the body as well as in many foods. It plays a role in the increment of blood flow to muscles, which ultimately boost the weight and size of the body's muscles. You will have to take this supplement before any exercise to boost your body blood flow and play a role in the increment of weight.


                There is not much research for this amino acid for muscle gain, but some people have used it and found it helpful and advantageous. It allows you to boost overall work during and after exercise.

                3. Beta-Alanine

                  We know exercise is necessary for weight gain and muscle mass, but the limit for exercise is muscle fatigue. How to avoid all types of fatigues for muscles? You can do long-term exercise without fatigue with the use of a supplement named Beta-Alanine.

                  Beta-Alanine is an amino acid and produced in the body. You can take it in the form of foods and play a role in the degradation of fatigues in your muscles. After taking it as a supplement, you can do 3-4 bouts of exercise at a time without any feeling of fatigue. Few researchers found it helpful in muscles mass and weight gain as it enhances your exercise performance and timings.


                  One of the main issues related to less weight is the breakdown of the muscle's proteins. Reducing the breakdown is one of the most critical aspects of gaining weight and muscle mass. So, it would be best to take such a supplement that can reduce break down.

                  The most important is the Beta Hydroxy Beta-Methyl butyrate. HMB is a molecule produced in the body whenever leucine (an amino acid) breaks down in our body. Leucine is one of the essential amino acids for the human body. HMB plays a critical role in the reduction in the breakage of proteins of muscles. HMB plays a crucial role in muscle gain and recovers muscles spasms without any side effects. So, HMB can act as an analgesic as well as a weight gainer.

                  The Bottom Line

                  We have discussed all the key and essential supplements needed for weight gain and body size also. You can take these in the form of foods and become healthy and robust. Supplements are best for weight gain, but their recommended dose should be maintained. Otherwise, they can result in health-related complications. You can buy these supplements online at mpilhealth.com.

                  A healthy and strong body is one of the most crucial concern if people of the whole world. So, take these supplements and avoid unnecessary foods and stuff and get better health. Your all wellness and enjoyment could be taken with a healthy and robust body. Take enough proteins, creatine and other herbal-based supplements and live a healthy life.

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